Nuclear forensics

Nuclear Forensics

This lecture is part of the modules "Modern Aspects of Physics" and "Selected Topics in Modern Physics"


The lecture offers an insight and overview into the methods of nuclear forensics and deals with applications in criminalistic forensics and environmental forensics. These include age and determination of the origin of radioactive preparations or contaminations with the aid of radionuclides and the application of the principle of isotopic and chemical fingerprints. For this purpose, background information on the functioning of nuclear weapons, reprocessing and nuclear test ban treaty verification discussed. The discussion of examples from the past deepens the understanding.

Credit points: 2

Semster hours per week: 2

Place:  4134, room 101, Seminarraum Biophysik, Herrenhäuser Straße 2

Start: Summer semester, tuesday 4 p.m.

Lecturer: Prof. Steinhauser, M.Sc. Dorian Zok

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