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Within the framework of its central tasks, the IRS provides services for the university and its institutions. These services include the education and training of staff to impart knowledge and maintain expertise, consulting in all areas of radiation protection and practical services such as radiation protection measurements, contamination control and decontamination, transport and storage of radioactive materials and collection and disposal of radioactive waste. In cooperation with the central radiation protection representative of the university, an intensive self-control of the organisational and practical radiation protection is carried out.

At the University of Hanover, a large number of institutions carry out activities in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV). For each of these facilities there are separate, sometimes multiple handling permits. The President of the University of Hanover has appointed radiation protection officers for each of these facilities. In each of these facilities, radiation protection officers have been appointed to carry out practical radiation protection.

In addition, a radiation protection officer has been appointed in the area of occupational safety, health and environmental protection, who is responsible for the administration and organisation of radiation protection. The authorised representative is responsible for correspondence between the facilities and the authorities. This authorised representative prepares and maintains databases containing all relevant information on the approvals according to StrlSchV, notifiable activities, the respective radiation protection authorised representatives and representatives, the radiation protection areas, the X-ray facilities, the balancing of radioactive substances and the monitoring of deadlines. The reports of the radiation protection commissioners on the acquisition and disposal of radioactive substances and X-ray facilities are also collected here.

The IRS advises the university management via a staff position with the President of the University as radiation protection officer. The head of this staff unit (Dr. Jan-Willem Vahlbruch) together with the central radiation protection representative (Dr. Petra Böhmer-Brinks) of the university is responsible for the control of practical radiation protection at the university facilities.


We offer advice on the following topics:

Delivery of radioactive Waste at the IRS

Warehouse service of the IRS

Practical radiation protection


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