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Transdisciplinary research on the disposal of high-level radioactive waste in Germany (TRANSENS)

Transdisciplinary research on the disposal of high-level radioactive waste in Germany (TRANSENS)

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Clemens Walther
Team:  Dr. Cord Drögemüller, Dr. Pius Krütli, Dr. Roman Seidl
Year:  2019
Funding:  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Volkswagen Foundation, Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony; Funding number: 02E11849A-J
Duration:  01.10.2019 - 30.09.2024

The aim of TRUST's transdisciplinary approach is to actively involve interested citizens and other non-academic actors in the research process. Considering that a new procedure for the search and selection of a suitable site for a repository has been initiated and the retrieval of stored waste is planned in the event of an unfavourable development of the repository, it is important to consider monitoring strategies, decision paths and responsibilities at an early stage. In order, for example, to ensure adequate participation procedures in the future, instruments must be developed now that can be applied in a promising way in the future. With a view to shaping future decision-making processes, questions must also be answered such as:

·         What does the retrieval of waste mean for the safety of the general public?

·         How trustworthy are measurement data and supervisory actors?

·         How do technical and time-related uncertainties and trust in nuclear waste management interact?

A transdisciplinary platform is to be created by bringing together engineering, natural science and social science disciplines as well as actors from the public and the field of nuclear waste management, which will enable an intensive and explorative dialogue. Specialists and non-specialists will jointly develop a programme for the participation of future stakeholders in environmental monitoring measures. The aim is also to better understand the interaction of the various actors and to show ways in which trust can grow. The collaborative approach is thus also the focus of research.




·         ETH Zurich (Transdisciplinary Lab)

·         TU Braunschweig (Institute for Geomechanics and Geotechnics)

·         TU Clausthal (Institute of Mineral and Waste Processing, Waste Disposal and Geomechanics)