Isotope analysis for environmental sciences and nuclear forensics - A SOLARIS Summer School

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef - Germany

August 11th – 15th 2024

About the School:

How can one determine movement of water masses in the ocean or air masses in the atmosphere? Where do findings from crime scenes originate from, what is the origin of a radioactive sample, or how old is a meteorite? Where did the ice man (Ötzi) spend his youth and where did he travel? Isotope analysis provides answers. The summer school treats chemical and physical basics as well as edge of technology developments of ever more sensitive and selective methods to analyze stable and radioactive Isotopes, such as SIMS, SNMS,  RIMS, ICP QQQ MS, AMS and more. Isotope analysis can help to identify the origin of food and beverages, the most prominent example being certification of extremely expensive high-quality wines. Come to Bad Honnef to the famous wine growing region at the Rhine valley to learn how to test (and taste).

This School is intended for:

English speaking students, i.e. Bachelor, Master & PhD students, as well as for postdocs in the field of physics, chemistry, ultra-trace detection and life sciences.

The school will give an overview of the historic developments of isotope analysis and its applications. Isotope analyses requires techniques of ultimate sensitivity, selectivity and – in some cases, spatial resolution on the nm scale. State of the art developments for trace and ultra-trace analysis techniques such as SNMS, RIMS, SIMS, SF ICP MS, ICP QQQ MS, NAA will be presented. Experts in the field will showcase applications related to oceanographic sciences, planetary sciences, nuclear forensics and nuclear waste disposal.


The preliminary program can be found in the picture above or downloaded here.


There is no participation fee for the school. Prices for full board accommodation are 90€ per person and night in a single room and 70€ per person and night in a shared double room.

More Information

More information can be found in the event flyer.