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Mandate of the Advisory Board

Mandate of the scientific Advisory Board

Responsibilities of the scientific Advisory Board

The Advisory Board:

  • comments on recent developments of the overall ENTRIA project and its subprojects via recommendations and gives advice to the project leaders with regard to  scientific work,
  • supports the project leaders with statements as part of an internal mid-term evaluation of the project.


  • The scientific Advisory Board meets on a regular basis, at least once a year. The meetings are to be arranged early between the scientific Advisory Board and the ENTRIA beneficiaries.
  • The scientific Advisory Board elects two equal speakers out of his members.
  • Meetings: The scientific Advisory Board carries out internal consultations (regular members only) whenever necessary.
  • The scientific Advisory Board phrases its recommendations based on a vote of at least seven members. Minority votings will be documented and communicated on demand.
  • Each member of the scientific Advisory Board will on demand be granted access to all work results and may talk to each subproject leader.
  • Summary minutes of each meeting of the Advisory Board are generated.
  • All information related to personal or financial data handed out to members of the scientific Advisory Board in the context of their work will be treated confidentially.


  • On behalf of the BMBF the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe will invite to meetings of the Advisory Board. The meetings of the Advisory Board will be organized in coordination between Advisory board, PTKA and the ENTRIA beneficiary who is going to be the host of the meeting.
  • The beneficiaries inform the scientific Advisory Board about recent progress of the project, especially at meetings of the scientific Advisory Board. Furthermore, the scientific Advisory Board will have access to the biannually reports in accordance to the regulations of the benefit notifications.
  • The members of the scientific Advisory Board will be invited to the annual project meetings. Within this context a meeting of the Advisory Board will take place.
  • The recommendations given by the scientific Advisory Board are to be published on ENTRIA’s website.