Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle, Technical Aspects and Public Discourse

This lecture is part of the modules "Modern Aspects of Physics" and "Selected Topics in Modern Physics"

Content of the lecture

Despite or perhaps because of the withdrawal from the use of nuclear energy in Germany, this topic continues to be the subject of public discussion. In addition to 3 lecturers from LUH, 10 lecturers from other German universities as well as from ETH Zurich take part in this lecture series. It extends over 2 semesters of 2 SWS and spans the spectrum from the technical basics to the ethical, socio-ecological, economic, legal and political implications of radioactive waste management.

In the winter semester, one focus is on the technical basics. The energy situation is considered globally and in the following the technical basics of nuclear energy use, from uranium extraction to the functioning of current and future reactors to the disposal of spent nuclear fuel, are dealt with. In addition to the technical aspects, the problem is also explained from a sociological / ethical and legal point of view.

In the following summer semester, the main focus is on the problem of finding a repository on a very broad, multidisciplinary basis and from different scientific perspectives. There is plenty of room for discussion (your own opinion is welcome!)

Credit points: 2

Semster hours per week: 2

Place: 4134, room 101, Seminarraum Biophysik, Herrenhäuser Straße 2 

Start: Winter semester, monday 2:15 p.m.

Lecturer: Prof. Walther

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Basic literature

  • Streffer, Radioactive Waste, Springer
  • Michaelis, Handbuch Kernenergie
  • Heinloth, Die Energiefrage, Vieweg
  • Further literature will be announced at the lecture

Recommended basics

Recommended basics
  • Of advantage: Lectures: "Physics IV A: nuclei, particles" and "Radiation Protection and Radioecology”  (can be attended parallel)
  • "Mechanics and Heat"
  • "Electrodynamics"

Further reading

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