Physics IV A: nuclei, particles

Physics IV A: nuclei, particles

This lecture is part of the modul "Physics IV: Nuclei, Particles and Solids"

Content of the lecture

This lecture is about:

  • The terms energies in nuclei, cross section, Schrödinger equation, Heisenberg
  • Radioaktive decay, chart of nuclides, properties of nuclei, particle properties
  • Strong interaction, Binding energy, droplet modell
  • alpha decay including Gamov Theory
  • Nuclear forces, shell modell
  • Gamma decay including transitions
  • Weak interaction
  • Beta decay including Fermi Theory
  • Neutrons, moderation, fission
  • Nuclear reactions, collective excitations, Compound nucleus
  • Fusion
  • Hadronen, leptons, bosons

Credit points: 10 (for students of BSc Physics and FüBa only in combination with the lecture Physics IV B: Solids)

Place: 1101, room E 214, gr. Hörsaal Physik Welfenschloss

Start: Summer semester, tuesday 2:15 p.m.

Lecturer: Prof. Walther

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