Seminar: Radiation Protection and Radioecology

This seminar is part of the modules "Modern Aspects of Physics", "Selected Topics in Modern Physics, "Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree" and "Master of Education"

Content of the seminar

This seminar deals with selected topics on the spread of radionuclides in the environment, radio-ecological coloring, radiation protection, the application of radiation in medicine and the production of radionuclides.

Credit points: 3

Semster hours per week: 2

Place: 4134, room 101, Seminarraum Biophysik, Herrenhäuser Straße 2

Start: Winter semester and summer semester, Thursday 10 a.m.

Lecturer: Prof. Walther & Dr. Riebe

Language: english (german on request)


You can find an overview of the dates and the lectures under Studies -> Seminar.

Basic literature

Literature for the individual presentations will be provided at the event.

Recommended basics
  • "Mechanics and Heat"
  • "Electricity and Relativity"
  • "Optics, atoms, molecules, quantum phenomena"
  • "Physics IV A: nuclei, particles"