Seminar dates summer semester 2019


Thu. 09.05.20194134 - 101Dr. Jörg Rothe (Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal, KIT)X-ray spectroscopic investigations of highly radioactive nuclear waste

Thu. 16.05.2019

4134 - 101

Dr. Wolfgang Botsch (TÜV Nord)

Seminar dates summer semester 2019 From conditioning through interim storage to final storage

Thu. 20.06.20194134 - 101

a) Laura Müller

b) Jannik Wesche

(a) Exposure to radiation during flight and space travel

(b) Restructuring measures on the Hanford site

Thu. 11.07.20194134 - 101Laura Leifermann

Nevada test site: Plutonium Migration
Thu. 18.07.20194134 - 101Marie‐Luise SteilWas Yasser Arafat killed with Po-210?

Unless otherwise stated, the seminar starts at 10:15 am.
Room 101 in building 4134 is the seminar room of the Institute of Biophysics.

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