Conceptual Approach

Work packages within ENTRIA are structured in a matrix of vertical and transversal projects. Vertical projects comprise selected aspects of the three waste management options which are considered the key options in nuclear waste management in Germany. This research is complementary to former disposal and storage research funded by the German Federal Government.

The work packages within each project identify and treat relevant open questions in order to provide information which is essential for the execution of the transversal projects. These transversal projects examine multiple options in regard of overall aspects: “Synthesis, coordination and communication”, “Technology assessment and governance”, Ethical and moral justification, legal prerequisites and implications” and “Interdisciplinary risk-research”. Therefore they essentially contribute to achieving ENTRIAs overall goals and at the same time ensure interdisciplinarity. ENTRIAs platform function is carried out by the spokesmen’s project “Synthesis, coordination and communication”, ensuring scientific exchange both within the project and with other parties involved in the management of radioactive waste such as scientists and facilities but also interested citizens.

Detailed information about the ENTRIA platform is found in the project description (German).